Thursday, March 5, 2009

End of the work day brain mush.

It occured to me today that, while diar-ing, is something that I a. have never done and b. will never actually spell that way again--that this, in fact, is basically a diary!
So i might as well explain the exclamation point. Usage, at best, is ironic, as I'm actually never that excited when I use them--but I use them to push people into getting excited over that which is not exciting. Which, in turn, is funny. But probably not for long, so I'll keep them to a minimum.

Question of the day:
If a candy bar could taste exactly like a Snickers and a grilled cheese at the same time--would you eat it.
My guess is yes--because that, in essence, is a poor man's version of a cheeseburger and a milkshake, which is everyman's version of heaven.

Have i lost my audience. Mooooost likely, good thing I have my head to keep me company...'Lest I lose that-gasp!

So today it almost reached 38--and it reminded me of a time in high school that we had a guest speaker who had hiked Lewis & Clark's expedition, throughout the winter.
And when it finally hit 40, they hiked shirtless.
Today I will hike home my head...which will keep me company.

Until we meet again, and I introduce Sammy. My BIG cat.

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  1. I would MOST DEFINITELY eat it. Sounds delicious actually and I wish I brought it for lunch today.


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