Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics of Chaos

Dad: Is that Carrot Top?
Me: Nope.
Mom and Auntie Re-Re (in unison): Une! Duex! Trois! Quatre! Cinq! Si...
Me: Stop it.
The dynamic duo: Sept! Huit! Neuf! D...
Me: Stop.
Rozsencrantz and...etc: Ferme la fenetre! Je M'appelle!!
Dad: So that's not Carrot Top.
Me: Nope. That's a Shaun White he's a Snow Boarder.
Mom (flying solo now) A skate boarder?! they have that in the Olympics?
Me: Nope.
Auntie Re-Re (just improvising like a pro): Carrie Underwood!
My sister: What's mom asking?
Me: Nothing.
Dad: What's a skate board again?
Tricia (just not picking up on the technique): What's dad asking? Is he asking if there is skate boarding in the Olympics?
Me (looking for a hammer into the coffin that is this conversation): Nope--he's asking what a skate board actually is.
Tricia: That's what I thought, I was shooting for the stars.
Gellie the cat (towards Tricia--no further explanation can be provided) KHHHEEEEEEH! KEH!
Me: Can you just mute the TV?
Tricia: It's already on mute.

Gold Medal: Dad, perfect 10 on timing and substance with the skateboard interjection and for the irony that he knows Carrot Top, but not skateboard...not even humanly possible. I'm rating that up there with the Nadia Komenich 10's by the way.
Silver Medal: Gellie! 8.97 for creativity, enthusiasm and landing the double.
Bronze Medal: Mom and Auntie Re-Re--8.3 for spontaneous outbreak of Catholic School education. As masterful as Torville and Dean's Bolero.

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